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My extension images are very blurry


I recently put up an extension and I noticed that the images I had uploaded look very blurry on the marketplace, but normally they look fine.
Does anyone know why this happens?

Here is a link to it. If it looks fine on your side, let me know.


I see only one image and it looks fine for me. But I have a retina display so I see larger version

it is because the image is stretched 1212 × 646 pixels (intrinsic: 750 × 400 pixels)
increase the size of your image and then upload it 

That's part of the problem, I put in as high a resolution as I could, but once uploaded it only displays it as this blur.
Attached is a copy of the image I uploaded.

huh. strange as your image is converted into 750*400 and then enlarged by CSS your image here looks fine https://marketplace.abantecart.com/image/thumbnails/1a/73/main_image_png-108336-750x400.png

also one suggestion you should add some more images showing steps how to use your extension and add some more language in your description it will be more clear to other users


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