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What do you think about ability to undo the changes in the admin after save/edit/delete. This is in case of an error.

While this would be a nice feature, it seems like somewhat of a nightmare in light of all the areas that someone could "oops" something.   Your time is likely better spent in other areas.

It is nice feature. If there is a easy way to do it, why not? But it does not worth a lot of effort, I agree.

Undo at what cost/overhead? I think well organized buttons or at least a confirmation of what your about to do is fine.

Not important at all.

What would be helpful would be an interstitial "are you sure" page which could help avoid committing a change without review of submitted data.

This offers two benefits.  First, avoiding inadvertent deletions and updates.  Then, in the event of some sort of security flaw such as the widespread PHP_SELF based injection flaws in a certain famous shopping cart many of us have worked with in the past, it can stop those flaws dead as a second line of defense...



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