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Migration problem
« on: March 12, 2019, 06:01:39 PM »
So I migrated my domain from one host to another, seemed fine.
I downloaded a copy of the file system, including the database.
I created a new copy of abantecart on the new host, using the table prefix from the old host.
I transferred the files I got from the old host to the new host.
I changed the config file to the old host config file and updated the database and user and password.

everything looks great! I had the site and products working trouble is when someone placed an order the whole orders area locks up. let me explain. so the order was placed got the notification from paypal but not the cart, I looked at the cart admin and was able to login, but if I go to orders I get this 5 times in red and if I delete them I still see no order info even older orders ..  I have changed some of the info to protect the site info

No log errors, what did I miss?   
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Re: Migration problem
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