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AbanteCart 1.2.14 is now released

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Hi abolado,

yes, first I upgraded the Abantecart version on my test site and there were no problems.

Then, I went to the live version.

Basically, the live version has not issues besides some that I did point out (on the admin side).

So, to the topic at hand:
Are you suggesting that I should go to the database

find the table  `abdw_custom_lists

delete the 'store_id' column and than re-install version 14?

Just to be sure before I proceed doing anything.


Hi guys,

just as an update.

As I was waiting for Abolado's reply - so as to make sure that I will not mess up things - the next day; everything appears to have been updated?!

I mean all features (from what I could see) have been added and AbanteCart has been updated to the newest 14 version (something that is also shown at the bottom of the page).

On top of that, another serious issue that I was confronted with (namely a js file that would mess up my product relations) has been resolved as well!!

Wow  :)

My guess would be cloudflare but I cannot be sure about it.

And finally, as if it wanted to troll me, I still receive a massage to upgrade to the newest version.

I do not know what to say but I do love the new features that you guys did add.

Thanks  ;)
Hello Guys!

I upgraded my website now and everything is fine. Thank you for your support.



--- Quote from: Basara on March 19, 2019, 02:30:50 AM ---Hello.

Demo will be updated soon.

For testing you can also use bitnami stack with latest AbanteCart

--- End quote ---

Hey Guys -  it's 10 days later  and the AbanteCart Demo  still is using v 1.2.11 -  can you please get it updated so folks (new and old)  who want to evaluate Abantecart can do so with all the new bells and whistles to look at?

Thanks for considering getting your site up to date?


Dubai City Tour:
Can we please know when could be the demo updated.
I really in need of it


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