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stock locations interact with tax rates and shipping how?

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Stock Locations are not required. A lot of fixes already in 1.2.15 try to sync files with latest changes

Thanks for the feedback -  I had implemented the frist patch files and still had that issue.   Will try the latest one.

I have installed the last patch files  and am happy to report the track ON  no longer requires a location.

Thank you, llegrand  :)

We have added the files to be changed into our Patch files in our extension manuals.  This should make it easier for admins to update.
It is located here:
Look for:
2. AbanteCart v1.2.14 product location files
As stated we have confirmed this files fix the zeroing of all product quantities on global save and also the location is not required for track set to on. 

Thanks for the fixes Devs.
Lee (Why2)


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