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Building a bot for debugging, but...No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'


So I have run into a strange bug that happens every few 100 orders and I had decided to use a bot on a cloned site to make purchases to see if I could debug the strange bug, but alas I ran into the No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' issue. Is there a way to disable this temporarily so that I can run my bot?
I am aware of the potential risks, but it's on cloned site that won't have any real data on it.

Does it happen every 100 orders strictly or approximately 100? What payment and delivery methods in orders with bug?

No, it happens randomely.
Here are the orders affected, you can see they happen at different increments.
Payment is done with Offline Credit Card Processing v1.2
And shipping is done with United States Postal Service v1.0.2
Default Store Pickup v1.0.1 & UPS 1.0.1

I don't it's strictly a user end issue since we had an order come in with one product affected and not the others.
It would be easier to do testing by taking things in and out (extensions and custom modifications) and see what's causing it, but I can't do that on a live site, so that's why I though fake bot orders on a test site would work.

Why2 support pointed me the in right direction and I can now continue working on my bot.

If anyone else is interested, here's the link.


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