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Hi, just beginning to understand how this SEO thing works. I read several of the older posts and realized that I probably don't understand the right use of keywords. So here are some very basic questions.

Until today, I was of the (probably tremendously false and outdated assumption) that I could enter as many keywords in the 'meta keywords' header as I wanted that pertained to the general focus of my website regardless whether those keywords appear on that page's visible content.

So for example my home page meta keywords include all kinds of keywords that relate to subjects, topics, and products that can be found throughout my website. Looking closely, most of those keywords don't appear in the content of that home page at all. I take this to be a mistake. Is that accurate?

Do I understand it right that I should probably limit the number of keywords I put inside the 'meta keywords' header  to 8 or less?

Then, I should use each keyword I entered in the 'meta keywords' header within the visible content of my page. And that the use of each keyword within this content should not exceed 4 to 6 times. Right?

Should I also include these keywords in my 'meta tag description'?

Thanks for your help.


If you target google you can skip meta keywords. Google search engine ignore it. Others like Baidu may still look them.

If you want to use them...well you are right only 3-6 keywords about product

Hi, I think you can use keywords as much as you can, in page title, meta description, headings and contents. But you need to make sure they are in the right grammar or context. Also you can use them as the pics' name to make your page include more elements

I think you can use keywords as much

The usage of keywords has a significant influence on the organic page ranking that a website or webpage receives in search engines like Google and Bing. According to the statistics, almost 75% of people who use the internet never even browse beyond the first page of search results. Now, we are aware of what this implies: in order to be noticed, you must appear on the very first page.


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