Author Topic: Multiselectbox and checkboxgroup can't assign locations  (Read 3007 times)

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Multiselectbox and checkboxgroup can't assign locations
« on: June 14, 2019, 10:09:21 AM »
The locations fields are missing in checkbox group and multiselectbox. They need the ability to assign locations to stock if Admin has more than one location. Other options work correctly.

From Basara on gitgub:
This is not a bug. We block location for multi values option types because this do not have sense in relation to stock tracking and stock returns.
Feel free to post you opinion at

So I am continuing my thoughts here:

When a product has any option with track turned ON -  the locations fields on the product general tab  are not shown and locations are forced to the options page.

If track on options is set OFF -  the locations show on main product page.  And one can use main page quantity for product sale.  BUT  the individual options (which may be products)  do not record the quantity changes leaving the admin to manually keep up with that stock.

I think you need to rethink this. Ideally when a multi selection option is enabled leave the locations on the main page  AND enable tracking on options to be ON  and record the change in the options quantities.  Here's why - if admin  has two or more locations -  a product with multi value options my need to be assigned to one of the locations -  and a different product with multi value options my need to be assigned to the other.  By removing the locations fields from main page and the options page  there is no way to assigned a location, Admin is forced to decide between accurate quantity tracking at the option level with no locations,  or location with no option level tracking. 

This impacts admins ability for store pickup assignment if there is more than one location. It will also impact shipping estimates  when we get the locations to reflect in the rate lookups. 

Since this is a core change when you added locations  IMO default code needs to include a way to give multi select options locations.   

Let us know your rethink on this exclusion.  Moving forward  either core devs needs to adjust or one of us third party extension devs will need to -  as you know we have several option extensions and we will be enhancing our many shippers to properly pickup the locations for shipping origination to get accurate rates,  as the inclusion of locations has made this a requirement for admins with multiple locations.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response.

Lee from
The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc  (WHY2)


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