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Make banner images full size.


Sean Armstrong:
Despite reading numerous posts I still cant figure out how to make the images of the banner full size = 1100 x 360 instead of having a large gap on either side.  I have made my images 1100x360 but they still get cropped.. 

I want the images to completely cover the banner without any padding, etc. 

Any help would be appreciated.


What type of banner you have? Default AbanteCart slider or banner you create manually?

Sean Armstrong:
I have read these likes several times but it makes no difference.

I want to be able to use the same text based banner in the header area as in the default template but make it full size 1100 x 260.  Regardless of changing the sizes it always crops is smaller.

Basically I want a text based banner to be 1100 x 360 - TOTAL size of the default banner - no margin, no padding.

I have same issue, if possible to make it clear how can I make graphic banner at the center and cover all the banner area.


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