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ok, I'm done manually translated with method 2, now how can I save so I can use translation to other stores?

Best way to do this is to create an extension that is easy to port over.

If you allow us to publish extension with your translations we will create and extension based on it for you and everybody else.


--- Quote from: Horia on May 29, 2013, 02:33:07 AM ---Is there any way to create the new language in admin and then export it as extension using Extension Developer Tool?

--- End quote ---

Salut Horia,

Ai reusit sa traduci 100% Abantecart in romana ? 

Nu ofera nimeni support pentru romana pentru aceasta platform?

Salutare, ce mai usoara cale de a edita valorile de la ficeare limba in parte este din tabelele de MySql, care le poti exporta in  Excel ca .csv si acolo le editezi sau le traduci automat. Nu am incercat inca dar cred ca merge :). O sa incerc zilele astea sa vad daca merge.


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