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how to create an extension to this cart?


Hi all,
I've downloaded this wonderful shopping cart as a replacement for a another carts that I've been using for many years. I love that it is very clean and FAST!

I'm interested in extending the functionality mainly on the admin's end.
I was wondering if there's a preferred method for "upgrading" the administration panel and functionality.

Now I'm guessing that programming modules will be the best way instead of modifying the default code of the cart. If so, are there any simple tutorials on how to go about creating a module that extends the back end? I just need a starting point. eg. something as simple as when the module is enabled, a new button appears on the products page (backend).


This links will help you  :o.

Isn't there any simpler way of using English files for a translation?
I made copies of enflish dirs both in admin and storefront. Also replaced EN flag by SK flag in both folders. But after cleaneing cache and restarting the e-shop, I can't see the language in admin/localisation. In documentation I read...

--- Quote ---You able to Load missing (not translated) language data from any other language installed in your store. Just select language to copy from and click Load button. This action will copy missed language data like Product's and Categories names, descriptions, Length & Weight classes, Order statuses, Tax classes ...etc.
--- End quote ---
. But I can't find no way to find the command for loading new language.

You need to create new language entry in system -> localization -> languages section.
Also make sure that all directories under given language are named correctly.


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