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Adding a progress bar to uploads in Media Manager


Hi everyone,

The problem:

I have been trying to upload a video via the media manager over a SLOW connection. The media manager shows only a status bar, so I have no way of monitoring if the upload is progressing or not. I have been sitting for almost an hour waiting and so far the upload hasn't finished. Without a progress bar I can't tell - is it almost done, half way, no where close? Should I continue to wait or cancel and try again later?


Add a progress bar to media manager upload. Show percent complete and perhaps transfer speed.

This would give those with slow connections and large files a way of telling if the upload is working or got somehow interrupted or the connection is way to slow for successful completion.

Thanks a bunch for all the good work.

Thank you for suggestion

Not sure where to post this, but I noticed that when uploading a large file over a slow connection, AbanteCart logs me out of admin because of "inactivity" (I assume). When this happens I loose the upload connection as well and have to start all over again.

So far I have worked around this by opening a second admin page and clicking on some link every once in a while. This resets the "inactivity" counter and keeps me logged in. This way I can complete file upload.

You need to increase php session lifetime in your php.ini and in AbanteCart system settings

Check also 3rd part extension http://marketplace.abantecart.com/auto_downloads
Please contact extension developer I am not sure is this cover all your needs


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