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After all requirements ok the load data never ends and no db created SEE NOTE


Octavio Baez Hidalgo:
Windows10, PHP 7.2.10, mysqli, all def data checked ... and do not install at all. /wiki/ spaces/ AD/pages/3768390 /AbanteCart+System+Requirements OK /wiki/ spaces/ AD/pages/4227119 /Localhost+Installation OK

Localhost install needs to be connected to the internet ?


Yes, internet connection is needed:
Loading failed for the <script> with source “”. index.php:10:1
Please see attached jquery.jpg because several changes are needed in order to use only local copies of jquery.

XAMPP for Windows 7.2.10-0

php.ini and my.ini attached.

Thanks in advance,


You need to create database before you run installation.
See other localhost options

Octavio Baez Hidalgo:
The database was not the problem, of course that I create the database before the install !.

The problem is that several jquery uses try to get the file jquery.min.css from internet, as stated in the NOTE.

Again, please read the NOTE and check the attached jquery.jpg

Almost every other CMS, e-Commerce, etc. installs does not require internet connection.

And for what?. To get a jquery that already exist in several local subdirectories of AbanteCart?

Please, try to install DISCONNECTED from internet, and you will see...

Thanks in advance,



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