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Best Shopping Cart for a website?


Hi, I'm currently planning on upgrading a customer's site and they now want to branch into online sales and grow their small business.

I've looked into various shopping carts out of the box solutions along with the possibility of implementing my own. I've kindve been put off implementing my own by the sheer volume of work it would take vs. the customers budget for the site; it just isn't feasible given the timeframe they want it in. I'd also be nervous about how secure it would be developed from scratch. It's also re-inventing the wheel somewhat.

Some of the solutions I've looked into include OpenCart ( I've heard very mixed reviews, more bad than good), SnipCart and Shopify but I'm unsure which is the best to use.

Does anyone have any advice on the best one to use?


AbanteCart is great choice. A lot of buitin free features as well as marketplace where you can buy 3rd party extensions and tools


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