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Define max quantity products for customer

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Julian Marcelo:
I config AbanteCart for a yard sale at Church.
All people wants to buy everything but its not possible. We need to restring to 3 units for every product for Customer.
No more than 100 U$ per customer.

Its possible apply this not for order and for customer?

Every product have setting Maximum Quantity

Claudio Garcia:
Yes, every product has max quantity per Order. But if a person make a second order, it buys 3 products again.  I need 3 max product for all orders or block to one order per customer. Is It  posible?

It is possible with custom solution

Claudio Garcia:
How could be?
please help me or explain me how?

Maybe i cant get it without modify much. Please give me a ligth to look where and where to touch.


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