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Admin 403 forbidden


Using latest version just installed
When i go to the admin i get the 403 forbidden so i changed the adminpath to
URL/admin/index.php');  and i still can't get in
I didn't change the UniqueID or the encryption key.
I have ssl installed
Any ideas ?


try adding the ?s  into your url


403 error can also be related to incorrect mod_security rules (php modules installed on your server)

I was reading this
The correct link to admin is based on what is set during the installation process of the AbanteCart.[your_admin]  [your_admin] is provided during installation and can be located in system/config.php AFTER installation.

I have no idea where that would be in the config file, there is no mention of Your_admin.

in your cPanel,  public_html  files -  your installation location (domain) (subfolder, if any)

in system/ config

// Admin Section Configuration. You can change this value to any name. Will use ?s=name to access the admin
define('ADMIN_PATH', 'clean1215');   where clean1215  is whatever you set your admin_path  during your installation.

Since you are just starting -  why don't you delete this installation and re- install after reading a bit more in the manual.
Or if you cPanel has Softaculous  use it to install AbanteCart - and most of your issue should be resolved.


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