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AbanteCart + CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration

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Am putting a website for a new company established in India, after running through various shopping cart options like Magneto, OpenCart, ZenCart, I chose to use the AbanteCart.

AbanteCart is really simple, powerful way of getting the job done for the business users. With not much technical skills, I was able to install this using the Cpanel on Bigrock Linux hosted platform and configure the entire store.

Now, am at a stage of payments, AbanteCart provides ready payment interfaces to options: Cash, Cheque, Wire Transfer. I have configured them with ease. These options are good! Thank you for the good work AbanteCart. However, the order cannot be confirmed until the payments are realized in these mechanisms. 

This will not suffice the online users, as they want their order booking to be confirmed immediately via the Credit/Debit Card transactions. All this needs to be done in Indian Rupee with a payment gateway like CCAvenue or PayU.

Can someone from AbanteCart immediately have some quick solution for this situation to accept payments in Indian Rupee and post it here for the AbanteCart lovers. Highly appreciated.

This solution will be strategic to AbanteCart to establish itself as a very common e-commerce platform in Indian Geography.

Oh, by the way I saw the old post of CCAvenue. Did not see much action after few threads! Please suggest if the solution already exists.

Also, I evaluated the option of Paypal Webstandard, infact I created an account with them, now that sucks for me because they do not provide the transactions to be done in Indian Rupee. All transactions are converted to USD or other currency I chose and then added back to my account in USD or currency I choose. This will definitely eat some conversion fees, which is unnecessary. I am going to write a blog for Paypal to kill their service in India if they cannot provide Indian domestic transactions.

Thank you all,
Hari Krishna

Hi ,

Any update regarding the CCAvenue Integration for AbanteCart cart ?
For Indian users there is no payment gateway available to integrate with AbanteCart cart.

Please help.


We tried to reach CCAvenue. No reply. You can try to contact them and advise that you need AbanteCart integration. Possibly, they will get in touch with us.

Hi ,

When i tried contacting CCAvenue for AbanteCart integration , and i got the following reply from them :

"Dear Anurag,
Kindly let us know the contact details of Abantecart team, so that we can get in touch with them for CCAvenue integration.
Awaiting revert.

[promotion material removed]

Can you please tell me how can these people contact you ?


Excuses, excuses. This is not hard to find. Contact form is on our website.


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