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Good SEO for Affiliate?

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Infrarotsauna Profi:
I'm looking for good SEO for backlink analysis and content analysis - free or at least not as expensive, I'm student.
Example: monitorbacklinks
But there is no content analysis there.
My page is just under construction and it is for a thesis für my Education.

Complicated my friend, seo is expensive. for example look at the ahrefs or semrush tools you will see that they are paid, for free I do not know any

I believe that because I have a lot of knowledge in the field, I'm able to write content in a rich, natural style, which Google can see as related terms and rank me better than a drier, more product-driven site.

I've been doing SEO professionally for about 5 years, so I use all of my SEO best practices, but nothing that you wouldn't find in a post. I just concentrate on stuff that is easy to read. :)

SEO can be done in two ways 1) On-Page SEO and 2) Off-page SEO.
Try doing ON-Page SEO by doing Keyword stuffing, and Content writing.
Off-Page SEO requires generating backlinks. Generate as many relevant backlinks as you can to improve your domain authority and page authority.
Check Technical SEO for broken links, speed, AMP etc.

quality backlinks importanat for this


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