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Hi, There the instruction in Abantecarte User Manuals 1.2 re Example 4: Insert products with Images seems to be incorrect.

I get "Missing relation ID related_id for update_or_insert action in table products_related. Skipping.

if I export a product with an image and remove the resource_library[0][0].resource_id and resource_descriptions[0][0][0].resource_id and try to reimport it fails.

The jpg file name that is exported is not the one the I uploaded and attached to the product.


Please upload example of CSV file

I changed the format to use a URL path point to image file on the webserver which worked.

This is a sample file for the Example 4:  method which didnt work.

Try to not change the CSV delimiter. Use example in
It is TAB delimeted file.

You can also check the Import Wizard


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