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How to add Product Limits by Customer


Tim Norton:
Good morning everyone.

I am working with a farmer relief effort, where there will be a volunteer run "store" - basically a distribution center, that will be used to help feed workers brought in to work farms that have been hard hit financially.  We will have a couple hundred products that the farmers will be able to select, but we need to ensure there products are selected fairly based on the amount of physical workers they have available.

Is there a way that I can add a Ratio Based Maximum stock pick.  So, if one farmer has 4 workers and another has 10 then the maximum items selectable is different?

Appreciate any advice I can be given.  This is a 100% volunteer run effort.


Tim Norton

Hello Tim,

I am not sure that I understand your explanation about "Ratio Based Maximum stock pick".
Can you please provide an example?

Tim Norton:
OK.  So, they want to set limits on how much of each product can be ordered from the warehouse at any one given time, based on the amount of workers they have on hand.

So, one farmer may have 5 workers, and the other may have 20.  Therefore, the second farmer should be able to select a maximum of 4 times the amount as the first.  Does that make sense?



This can be handled with product stock to location relationship. It does not have any connection to time limitation.
Sound like you need customization to stock/inventory management.

Tim Norton:
Thanks Maxter. I will look at that feature.  I haven't utilized locations, as the farmers are really just customers who are ordering from one location.  But I'll see if it can be hacked into a solution.

Thinking out loud here (or out typed?):

What I was thinking was to build a quick MySQL table extension to capture worker counts per farm.
I would then look to see if I can build a product selection extension to take the value in the Maximum Selection field and build a new Maximum Selection calculation:

Ie. (`Maximum Selection` * Workers).

If Locations helps with this, then great.  If not, I'll give myself a crash course in PHP to see if I can build this myself.  I'm more of a Java/C# guy....but if anybody has any ideas that would make this more efficient I'm happy to chat.

As I noted before, this is a Volunteer run aspect...I'm making no money out of it, other than for my business being acknowledged on their website.  If anybody offers to help I would ensure you get similar credit (and rights to resell the idea).  I can't post the link due to forum rules but reach out and I can share details.


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