Author Topic: Operatonal questions for marketplace extensions and version updates  (Read 2190 times)

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Hello Admins,

I have some operational questions about how marketplace extensions and their continuing ability to work thru verison updates of Abantecart.   As a user of several purchased extensions and as a user that prefers to update my cart versions when a new one is available (of course after testing!)  I am wondering :
what provisions are in place or should be in place for extension sellers to update extensions?   
what options extension purchasers have for getting any necessary update for the cart version we are operating?
will updates for extensions be at no cost,  or no cost for a certain time after original purchase, or some reduced fee?

This is a financial and operational consideration that is important -  extensions are quite helpful,  but if we have to make a decision between continuing using an extension and not updating to the latest version,  or having to re- purchase an extension update at full price for an update -  this needs to be known.

Additionally,  what method of alerting customers who have extensions there are new versions support cart version .xxx  available.   Can you either email us or make some locale that we can check -  having to go to each of the extensions we may be running to check what's happening is quite rudimentary - particularly for such a nice ecommerce cart as Abantecart is and time consuming.

Thanks for considering how to improve this part of Abantecart.


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Re: Operatonal questions for marketplace extensions and version updates
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2014, 10:45:27 AM »
Great points.  Thank you

We have considered most of these cases.

Upgrade of an extension can be done with upgrade sql or php script. PHP files will be replaces with new once.
This is up to developer to maintain this.

Marketplace has ability to send notifications on updates and push updates to existing downloads . Updates are free.

After we finish v1.2 we will jump on better documentations. I promise. I wish we had more brains and hands to help :)
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