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Can anyone tell me which customer data are available on thank you page by default, e.g. do we have there birthdate, name, surname, ... whatever. BY DEFAULT :D
Thank you all

Welcome to Abantecart ivan2806!

What do you mean by "thank you page"?
Do you refer to registration page?
If you open admin -> customer details page you can have access to all these data that you see there in any controller that has access to customer model.

I mean on page where you land after successful ordering. And the question is which customer data you can access there so it can be used in a way of advertising by using customer information or similar? For example after successful order, I want to show an advert but based on is it male or female, maybe show their name, congratulate them birthday or so like.

I am sorry for the late reply.
Sounds like you need to change the code.
You would need to customize the controller to get the data from customer model.

Let me know if you need more detailed coding suggestions.


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