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1.2.16 new feature Collections - need instructions

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Can you please add some documentation to your manuals about how Collections is suppose to work.   We can add a collection,  but trying to have it show up in a category  or any place a customer can find it is unsuccessful with our trials. There are no tool-tips,  and everything we try does not give us a result that is expected. Current issue is we don't know how to show the collection in storefront in any manner.

Thanks in advance for adding  that instruction to your manual for all AbanteCart users.

The documentation will be updated soon.


Give Borys some slack, he is the only one working on the manuals at this time.

yes, that would be great, because today I upgraded to 1.2.16 and activated the fast checkout extension, it's enabled in the admin panel but I need a description on how to actually activate it in the storefront. Thanks a lot


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