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David Veganhauser:
It is with a heavy heart I have decided to uninstall abantecart and go with wordpress. My personal reasons are:
1. When you build something for the better good of the public, and you do not charge, you become overwhelmed and it consumes your life. I believe AC has done a beautiful job building this framework and I think in the future it will grow more.

2. I am just one person. I closed my bakery a couple of months ago for good and now I am trying to start a new business online as passive income. I have a developer background and understand development pretty well, but I found I needed to do too many customized hacks in the core code in order to get close to what I wanted. This should not be necessary under most circumstances. I think this is just where AC needs more time to grow and evolve, maybe with some extra people who want to donate their time to the framework development. I, like many people asked questions but didn't get much support and help. Again, this is not a slight on the team, I understand the limitations to help people. But I will say, I saw some questions I had unanswered from years ago.

3. The final point was yesterday when I had to implement a separate checkout directly with PayPal for subscriptions. That is to say, it could not be integrated with the shopping cart, which changes the user experience.

Anyway, my issues are my issues, and certainly not yours. I think you have done a great job and you offer many great additions to help many people build sites the way they need to. So I hope you have not taken my words negatively.

Best wishes and stay safe

Nicely put, but I have to disagree.
I am a developer myself and develop extensions for Abantecart for over 2 years now.
Knowing other opensource platforms, I have to tell that Abantecart is not far off with the features and OK extension API.

You mentioned that you tried to create a checkout directly with PayPal for subscriptions. I created this for one of my customers and was thinking to create an extension for that. This is not difficult to do for a developer that you claim to be in the past. You need to learn Abantecart code/API first.

Secondly, WordPress is not an eCommerce on its own. 
If you are a developer, as you claim to be, soon you will realize what you got yourself into with Wordpress.

This is one of the cases with users that expect a free platform to solve their specific business process free of charge and with free support.

David Veganhauser:
Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply. While I will give feedback to your comments, please do not take them as attacks, they are simple questions following up with your comments. So if they sound direct, please understand they are only meant to get to the details rapidly.

I posted questions more than once about how to integrate paypal subscriptions into the cart system and no one replied. The purpose of a community is to help and share yes? I was under water and not able to find answers anywhere. I have a lot of stress and I need something to go easy in my life.

Second, to clarify, I was a developer for many, many years, and then I stopped doing it professionally when I got into IT Management. But yet, I still did projects and work on the side, admitting i have not kept up with the latest in everything due to a simple lack of time. If you have a magical way of adding 10 hours to each of my days I would be happy to dig in deeper. But, this could just be a claim and I know very little about development if anything at all. Really, times change and maybe I did not change enough with those times.

If you created your own api interface that integrates paypal subs in with normal paypal, please, make it a plugin, I will come back and I will use it. In fact, I will be your first customer. I only got it to work with implementing a direct call to the subscription checkout on Paypal from where I was having the user make the selections. Futher, what I read on the PayPal developer integration side was that a subscription submission does not integrate with Billing Agreements, but maybe I have read it wrong? See the section "Integration features"

Further, are you saying that you can integrate subscriptions with other products during checkout, including having that data integrate within the abantecart framework and data storage? Were you also able to remove a subscription at a users request by looking up their shopping history and giving this option?

You are right about WordPress, I know, but what other options did I have?

And finally, about money. I think I mentioned in my post I understood clearly about AbanteCart being free and that always comes at a cost to someone.  I never expect things for free in life, and while I cannot spend a fortune I also would pay a little. I did make a donation to AbanteCart once I got into the forum and saw I got an answer. But, charging $60 an hour for help is too much for me, which is what I saw listed here I am an unemployed broke guy, just trying to set up a small business online to hopefully generate a couple of hundred dollars a month if I am lucky.   

I look forward to hearing back from you and who knows, maybe your sub. solution is something I can integrate into a solution within Abantecart

I understand that you did not get a reply.  I noticed that some replies come later.

You can hook to the product and create a special product type "Subscription". With that, you can add the additional fields that you might need for the product "subscription" configuration.

With PayPal API you can set subscription suspension:
You can add this to the customer order history (simplest way) or create a brand new page for subscription and add the cancel button. 

I did not do subscription cancellation in AbanteCart, as my client did not want customers to cancel, I guess they do that manually.

If you have a question about how to develop extension, you can check this manual.
Manuals could be more detailed, but this is better than nothing. I learned a lot by checking other free extensions.

Roner Batista:
Puede conectarse al producto y crear un tipo de producto especial "Suscripción". Con eso, puede agregar los campos adicionales que pueda necesitar para la configuración de "suscripción" del producto.


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