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using customer entered data from a form to display on screen


Hi there I'm new to this but very impressed so far, I have a question that someone my be able to answer.

I have created a form to collect required data from a customer a bit like a guest book and once the customer enters the data I want to collate the data and display it somewhere on the screen, is this possible?

Yes, possible, but you need some PHP/coding skills to create a resulting/processing controller/page
You can use the form manager to create your form in the admin. During creation, you will be asked to select a processing controller. Default Abantecart has only one processing controller to send an email to you with the form details.
You would need to create your own controller to process submitted data and do something with it.

Here is a manual to the form manager:

I hope this helps you to get started. 

Thanks Maxtor for your help, it's very much appreciated.

I can manage the form side and had got it to email me the results but I haven't got a clue how to handle the data to get it to display in the shop.

I'll keep trying and thanks again for your help

Like I said, you need PHP skils to process submited data


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