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questions about drop-shipping on Abantecarte


Bruce Boulden:

I am setting up a website selling t-shirts on Abantecarte and wondered if it supports drop-shipping.

Are there any extensions that would support this and if not, is it possible to use a different eCommerce platform that does while retaining my domain name? I don't really have any technical expertise so please keep it simple.


Hello. Most drop shippers provide an CSV files with product data.
You can easily import any amount of products with AbanteCart import wizard

Once products imported configure your payment and delivery methods and you are ready to go online.

Bruce Boulden:
Thanks I will give that a go and let you know....

Update: I'm not sure this is right.

What I want is for customers to place orders on my website, which then sends the order details straight to my supplier so they can fulfill and send the order off. Perhaps I am mistaken but it seems to me that a csv file allows me to import data only. That is useful, but sending the order details to the supplier is the vital bit.



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