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Hi, can you tell me please how to change the format of price number from example 44,444 to 44 444 or 44 000.00? Thank you

Hello Alicia,

Check this doc:

Also there are some formats in language definition. See attached image

To change the thousand and decimal points format please read this guide https://abantecart.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/15466660/Language+Definitions#LanguageDefinitions-Example:Changedecimalpointandthousandpointformat

As a complement to previous answers, for those who want adding a space between the price and a currency code, this can be done in 'core\lib\currency.php', at at the end of the 'wrap_display_format' function (~ line 237), this way:

--- Code: --- public function wrap_display_format($number, $currency = ''){
return $symbol_left . $formatted_number .' '. $symbol_right;
--- End code ---

Example case:
1200.00SEK will become 1200.00 SEK.

Edit on 2024/02/27:

And for those who want to strip decimals only for round numbers, here's how you can implement a "price beautifier":


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