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question about disavowing backlinks


Hi all
I have a question about disavowing backlinks.  When I started using Abantecart, I set it up on a “test” domain so I could get familiar with Abantecart.  Once happy with the site I moved it to my real domain as the “live” site.  Now I can see there are backlinks showing the “test” domain.  Should I look at disavowing the “test” domain (given it has low domain authority) so Google Search Console excludes the whole test domain when ranking the live site, or, is it better to leave as is?  Thanks, Rich.

Couple things to check.

- Did you disable your test site?
- Did you change URL configuration in store settings?
- You can set URL rewrite from test domain to live one.  This will tell google that your links have moved.

Hi, thanks for that. 

I disabled the test site in Cpanel - is that what you mean?  Yes, I changed the URL in store settings.  How do I set a URL rewrite -is that like a 301 redirect?



Yes 301 redirect. This you would have to do for your test domain.

Hi, thanks for that.


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