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Please feel free to look at my site . . .


Hi all,
Please feel free to have a look and make suggestions on my site at

I’ve tried to keep it simple as I only have a few products.  Using Abantecart 1.2.15 with the Ellie template and a few bits of CSS.

I still have work to do on it.   Currently I’m just manually adding FB posts and entering my own comments at the bottom of the home page to help with word count.  I might get a blog tool from the marketplace at some point. 
I’m using several different online checkers to help with SEO (they often contradict each other!) and slowly have that coming better.  Still more to do with SEO.  Also need to add a gallery of completed projects, upgrade to 1.2.16, and optimize images.

Many thanks, appreciate it


Very nice work  both on the site and on your products.

Only one comment or so -  being in the US,  and knowing you are in NZ  I found myself wondering  what the currency was shown in.   If you ship internationally,  and how I might find out my US dollars if you do ship internationally.

Thanks, good point.  I don't ship internationally as it's too expensive from here.  Yes you're right though, should be some indication of that.


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