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Adding new products in bulk


My question is:
Is it feasible to add a large number of products by using the import method?

I have 6 products, and I need to duplicate them 7 times, while changing their product code and destination.
Then I need to duplicate that set and put in a different price, giving me 84 products.

I created the first 6 products and exported the list to Excel.
It would be a simple matter to put in the required formulas to create my desired list.

Then I will import the new product list into Abantecart.

Does that sound right?
I know it's intuitive: import means import, but I just want to be sure.

I'm concerned about product id's, if there is any cross referencing I'm not aware of, do I have to delete existing products from the import list to prevent duplicates, etc.

Thank you.

Have you discovered the cloning feature in AbanteCart?

Having followed your posts for a bit -  It seems that you have several different specifics to address,  the locations,  assignment to different categories , etc.

You might find cloning is simpler and faster in the overall - And since it actually makes a (copy) of your product   it assigns correct id etc.  you just need to change the Name  and perhaps a category

Thank you for your help.
I re-read the description and understood in a much clearer way.
I've since been able to put that strategy to work for me.



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