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How to build digital products eCommerce

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How to build digital products eCommerce

This is a quick intro for business process and best practice
Downloadable or digital products are easy to distribute, significantly more sustainable, can be replicated infinitely, and are oftentimes simpler to create. With little as one computer or tablet, any person is capable of making a digital product worthy of sharing or selling. No physical materials, factories, or staff required. Just a computer, a sprinkle of passion, drive, and some time.

Digital products have no complexities of shipping and handling, international customs, laws, importing, inventory management, and so on.

Running your own store requires that you draft up terms and conditions (as well as license agreements, if applicable) to protect you and your customers, and dictate how your products can be used.

Best practice of structuring digital products. What to disable and enable
Digital products do not require delivery, disable the “Require Shipping” setting in all your digital products.  When you add archived files to products make sure to use widely used and free archive formats like .zip. Avoid formats that are not available in all operating systems by default even if they provide better compression (.7z, .bzip, .xz, etc).
If your products require versioning, decide on your versioning policy and if you provide older versions for customers to download.

When you add files to products it is important to set the “Activated Order” status in which customers will be able to download files after purchase.

In case of multiple files in one product, display the versions or other text data you want to show customers with Download Attributes added to your digital product files.

Order fulfillment setup and handling.
By default, AbanteCart allows purchasing of digital products to registered customers.
If you want to make checkout and registration more comfortable to your guests and registered customers, you can enable AbanteCart Fast Checkout. Fast checkout allows guests to purchase digital products or products with downloads attached.

Make sure you configure a correct “Order Status” to activate downloads after purchasing.
“Order Status” is usually set to “Completed” but may be specific to the Success & settled order status managed in your payment settings. Consider setting your Payment method to the Authorize & Capture mode to allow customers to download immediately after a successful order is placed.

If you decide to release updates to existing customers, you can push new or updated files attached to products to already placed orders.

Important to note that digital products are targeted by fraudsters more frequently than fiscal products. You can use fraud detection tools to help you with preventing loss of digital products and chargeback fees. Fees can be very high.

Extensions to use.

* Per the nature of digital goods, when customers buy your products, they are actually purchasing a license to use your products. To avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings about licensing, you’ll want to send to customers email containing license code after they have bought or paid successfully for the licensed product
* Having troubles with uploading large files and hosting, web-server limitations? Instead of manually uploading downloads one-by-one, you can simply upload them via FTP or cPanel File Manager tool and insert automatically in one-click.
* keep your customers informed and updated with the latest products and news that is relevant to them. Send a mailing via the AbanteCart Send Mail feature or install Mailchimp extension. Mailchimp is the number one industry standard email marketing platform.
* Plugins to help alert order transaction for online frauds
* Add product features to show additional qualities and characteristics of the products
* Empower your store with flexible promotion engine and increase your sales
* To help with fast and targeted search of your products

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