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Brands scrolling list problem


Hi everyone first I would like to say great forum and great product am new to using abantecart very easy to get round and that’s good as am not any sort web designer so the simplicity is great for me.

But as a newbie am having a problem with the brands scrolling list I am not using the original template but one I got from the Extensions add on SI custom theme the problem am having is the image added just looks all squeezed and not the right size.

Thanks for any help.

There is a setting for sizes  for the brands - 

Look in Design -  Templates, should bring up Template Manger -  look for Brand Icon  width and height.

I am unfamiliar with SI custom theme.  If the above instruction don't work for you, contact the developer of that theme for help.
There is a support link in each  MarketPlace product to request support.

Thanks for that yes it was there should look closer next time simple when you know how.



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