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Hi all,
is there any option to set a message if a product is the last one in the stock?
(like only 1 remains or similar)

Thank you a lot

No, you can only get a message or auto-disable product when it is out of stock

Chris Pine:
It's really odd that there's more development on the side of vBulletin and other leakers than there is in your own product. How busy can Abantecart be though? Like is this just the morningtime hobby that you fininshed and released and only make updates for? Where's the additional add-ons and coding that you don't require people to purchase in your marketplace? It's not really existent. I think you guys would have more of a market if you tried harder or pushed your UI a little more. Just sayin. I've modded the hell out of it by now with the team I just brought onboard. They even brought an SEO specialist and my statistics have jumped up to high heavens.

Just thought of this because you say that he cannot do that but something that sends a line of text saying that 'Hey This Is The Last One! Get It Now!' seems like it would be something that can be done during sleep for your team... but you said no lol. Confusing where the AC priorities lie. That's all. Clarify for me if you like.

Thank you, Chris Pine for your suggestions and opinion.
Take a note that AbanteCart is free open-source software, feel free to help and add more features

Chris Pine:
It's funny though that my opinion is welcome yet it tags my imaginary Karma.


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