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Form manager in Spanish


German Torres:
Hello Abantecart forum

First I will like to thank you for the excellent tool that Abantecart is.
I do have a problem with the forms manager. I am unable to get emails from the contact form. I am using spanish as the language.
This is the configuration i put into Abantecart.
This is the error log as well.
Please help me with some ideas how to solve this.

I got this error when I upgraded from v1.2.15 to v1.2.16 too. However to resolve it you need to go to >: (Design > Email templates) and open the files one after one and translate the messages to other available languages on your website, that will solve this problem.


Hello German, have you solved the problem?

I am having the same problem and I have tried what Hady told us but I still have a problem. It's kind of weird.
It only happens to me with the Spanish language.

Thanks and regards.


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