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Canonic problems with Abantecart

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German Torres:
Hello All

we do have a online store with focus in air aconditioner systems.
We did purchased the tool called SEO PACK, but still facing the same problem.
Google search console reports several product pages as canonical and therefore it doesn't index it.
we did export the sitemap, but days after Google again reports several product pages as canonical.
Also, in the DNS server, we redirected all the trafic from the HTTP:// to the HTTPS// so avoid problems between the "2" sites.
I saw several posting asking for the same problem in previous versions of Abantecart, that seems that solve the problem using the lastest one.. months ago.
we are using the version 1.2.16
we use the categories distributions of CAT1/SUBCAT1/PRODUCT.. allowing the user to look for info in CAT1/ and from there they could go to the PRODUCT page directly or navigating though the SUBCAT1.
Please help us with this because i am not getting any relevant traffic into my store because of this.
Give some ideas.. because i am out of it now.

Hello German,

Let me look into this problem.
Can you please share the message that you see in google and URL to your site? You can PM these details to me if you want.

German Torres:
Thank you.
This is the message i am receiving from Google Search console.  (picture attached)
"Duplicated: The user did not indicate canonical version"
In the search console, i selected the URL INSPECTION... several pages are reported like "The URL is not in Google".
Also, manually I add these pages.. and after 2/3 days.. once again are not in Google.
I really appreciate your help. This is affecting my store to growth in the organic searches.

Getting backlinks is crucial for a SEO strategy. Backlinks, if done correctly, will allow Google to check your website often.

German Torres:
Hello Basara

Thanks for your help. My problem is not how to improve my SEO rating using the backlinks or whitehat strategies. My problem is that I do have a product page and no matter if I add it manually or by the sitemap on the search console; Google doesn't index it because Google thinks is a copy of another page because of the canonical duplication. 
Please help.. the most important products of my store are not being index for organical search.


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