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Which is better, WordPress or AbanteCart for e-commerce?


I am a WooCommerce user and I am managing my clients' eCommerce stores with Cloudways managed WooCommerce hosting.

Actually I got a client that wants to build his website with AbanteCart, I am new to this one, so can someone please help me what's the monthly cost of AbanteCart? any detailed blog post about it?

AbanteCart is free software. The server requirements are also low so hosting costs can be decreased too

I am re-launching the topic, if others can share their experience, thank you  :)

I work with AbanteCart for couple of years. I like AbnateCart. I know WooCommerce as well, but I find that coding is faster with AbanteCart.

I've tried WordPress and WooCommerce, too, but AbanteCart is, so far, the one I've found to be the most straightforward to use.


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