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Product Sort orders on Invoices and more custom work


Tim Norton:
Hi folks.

One of the components that I have needed to change for a client is the Sort order of products on Invoices.  I just thought to share that I have managed to do this on both the Admin Invoice generator and on the function that generates the e-mails that go to both the admin and the customer.

The ones for admin is in the order.php located at: admin\model

The one for the e-mails is in the order.php located at storefront\model\checkout

I have temporarily just modified the sql code located in the php files but I intend to build a more concrete framework.

I have also developed features to include barcode or other images on the product level of invoices.

If anybody needs some assistance let me know.

Tim Norton

very good ideas, can you share the details please?


Tim Norton:
Thank you.  As soon as I have some bandwidth I'll put something together.



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