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Mysterious file names in manual upgrade

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I am trying to do a manual upgrade from 1.2.9 to 1.2.10 which I am doing with an off-line clone before installing on the website, as recommended. This I am doing on Windows with Mysql and IIS installed with PHP, so I have the right environment.  One of the steps is to copy new files to replace old ones and add new ones.  Some of the new ones have strange names, but when you look inside them, they are just php files.  For example guest_step_1.tpl0000664 or in the extension default-pp_express entensi0000644  There must be some tool which converts these to proper php (or tpl) files, but simply copying won't do it.  What am I missing? 


Where did you download the upgrade package from? There should no be such files

From Google Drive, as it said in the website on manual upgrades.
I think this page needs updating.
Thanks, I now know what I have to do.

I have now downloaded update_only for 1.2.10 from github as you advised, but I find the tar.gz archive also contains files with these strange names.  For example for storefront/view/default/template/responses/checkout has cart_details0000644.
What do you suggest?

Perhaps it is how you are trying to do this on your local machine.

Have you tried one of the local emulators on your PC?  See this page for more info.

Additionally -  if your cPanel  has Softaculous -  you can use to your advantage - as it has a great cloning/staging feature.

at WHY2  we are currently building a information hub -  there you can refer to these docs for more info :


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