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Hi all,

Having had the same issue with default stripe and abantecart (cc box not showing) I upgraded both and I have been doing extensive tests.

I have noticed that default stripe doesn't always shows the cc box on checkout page. Sometimes it does but once in a while nothing... (I lost a sale yesterday to this - stripe shows the client and under details shows no cc entry at all thus no capture)

On my website checkout page, the cc card number box shows out of place. see image. Small stuff, but that's what clients notice and find "fishy."

Also, comparing my stripe account activity with what I was doing in AbanteCart I noticed that when default stripe is selected for payment at Step 2 of checkout and client presses the 'continue' button, AbanteCart communicates with stripe while checkout page is loading and sends client information to stripe BEFORE client enters cc number.

In this process AbanteCart sends the first name twice: once for the first name and once for the last name causing stripe to identify the client only by first name, first name. (see image)

The other thing about this sending of information before client completes purchase is that stripe still records the client in its customer list even if client abandons cart... and if you are testing live like me (up to checkout page but without completing purchase), then stripe records each occurrence of the checkout page as a new customer. OR, if client decides to edit order and leaves checkout only to return later to it with the updated order, then stripe records the same client twice. This creates a long list of repeated customers. See image.

Other thing I noticed is that the checkout page takes a long time to finish loading because of communication with stripe. The checkout page loads, but browser continues to churn while showing it is communicating with stripe. No clue what this means.

It seems that the default stripe payment app needs to be gone reviewed or perhaps even better - re-done from scratch rather than patch?

Hope info helps.


What is your template and site URL?

I use a modified template I made myself.


Thanks for checking

You need to update your theme to latest changes from 1.2.16
When you upgrade core 1.2.15 to 1.2.16 main files upgraded and default theme. All custom themes should be upgraded/modified by theme developer


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