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getting 401 unauthorized response from API


Rawinder Dhillon:
i'm not a php developer , but can understand php code
problem is i'm trying to login through API. As i understand it , it includes 2 steps , first send email , password and api_key through Post Url
according to me , it will hit login.php & return me a Token and code 200.(as i can see from login .php in API Folder )
but it is returning 401, unauthorized
Now the questions are ?
ay be it is due to first step and yet no functionality  for resend data with tokens, but how can i get token in first step?
as i'm not getting one, i thought it is in the form of json , and  as response of command .

*with text_api.php i'm able to login with customer credentials
** Able to fetch Product with Get Command from Browser

Rawinder Dhillon:
problem solved by sending data in x-www-form-urlencoded format

Thank you for posting your solution


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