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Products don't display with 1.2.16 and default template



I made this comment on another thread as part of some other issues, but want to separate it from that thread.

Here is my situation:

1. I upgraded to 1.2.16
2. I use my own customized template (which I was told will need updated to 1.2.16 standards - but right now I have it functional)
3. When I switch to default template (and clear all cache,) AbanteCart storefront does not display products on category pages. Home page displays ok, product page displays ok, but category page doesn't show any products. See images.

Any thoughts? My concern is that if I start updating my theme using new default theme files I will break my site.


The default template does not have any of .js, .jsm files visible in your browser console errors

I don't know what you mean.

The red errors you report refer to files that are not part of default AbanteCart. Do you have some extensions installed? Try to disable them one by one and see if errors will disapear.

Thanks, will check.


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