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Best practice to upgrade from older version (1.2.12 to 1.2.16)?

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Good evening,

I am still running 1.2.12 and would like to "get current" to 1.2.16. The current version was installed via Softaculous in cpanel.

Is it simply a matter of upgrading through Softaculous or is a fresh install required?

Obviously I want to retain all my products, categories, and settings.

I  know that manual edits I've made to php files will have to be manually re-edited.

Are there any best practices to make the upgrade less painful?



While I was waiting to see more, I cloned my existing storefront to a test subdomain, and started incrementally updating AbanteCart, from 2.12 to 2.13, 2.14, etc. Everything went fine until the last update from 2.15 to 2.16. Upon executing that update, all attempts to access the storefront or admin pages result in a server 500 error.

I'm running PHP 7.3.6.

Please check the AbanteCart and server error log and post here the error

Where would I find these logs? I don't see a "logs" section or icon in cpanel.

AbanteCart error log in the file /system/logs/error.txt or Admin -> System -> Logs -> Error Log.

Ok, error is the same as reported in this thread:,8470.msg33660/topicseen.html#msg33660

I downloaded the new PaymentHandlerInterface.php that is linked in that thread, but the code is identical to what is already on the server.


--- Quote ---[11-Aug-2020 23:27:21 UTC] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';' or '{' in /home/revenues/test/AbanteCart/core/lib/PaymentHandlerInterface.php on line 22
--- End quote ---

Code of file on server:

--- Quote ---interface PaymentHandlerInterface

    public function id() : string;
    public function details() : array;

    public function is_available($payment_address) : bool;

    public function getErrors();

    public function processPayment(int $order_id, array $data = array()) : array;

    public function validatePaymentDetails(array $data) : array;

    public function callback(array $data = array());


--- End quote ---

I've uploaded the replacement file, copied and pasted in replacement code, all to no avail.


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