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Height of section where store logo goes.


Rob Grattan:

Can anyone tell me how I can change the size of the top section on the standard template, please?

It's the area where your logo goes and the   Login or register, Main Menu,  Specials etc. links are.

Can't seem to find out where to change it.



public_html/(subfolder if using) /storefront/view/default/style.css

Look for   ----------------Header------------------
.headerstrip {
   height: 72px;
   background-color: #00a1cb;
.header-logo {
   background-color: #fff;
   text-align: center;
   line-height: 72px;
   max-width: 300px;
   max-height: 72px;

Rob Grattan:
Hi, Begrand,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I edited style.css in /public_html/store/storefront/view/default/stylesheet and changed the 'height' values, refreshed the homepage but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Am I in the wrong place?

Thanks again for your support,


what abantecart version are you using?

If you found the header section,  you should be in the correct place

You did EDIT the style.css  and SAVE it?
You also  might need to clear you cache in the admin panel,  to get it to show up.

AbanteCart has a robust caching and changes often need the cache cleared.  That is not the same as refreshing your browser page,

Rob Grattan:
Hi, llegrand,

Cleared the cache and all is well now.

Thanks for the assistance.



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