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Need help with displaying number of products in each category


There's a couple of different places I'd ideally like to display the number of products/items currently available in the store.

1. On the site map page, after each category/subcategory link, put "(XXX items)" unlinked, where XXX is the number of items in that category including subcategories.

2. On the home page I would like to display a total quantity of in-stock items in the store at the top, ideally to the right of the cart summary box.

3. In the menu and dropdowns, similar to #1, displaying the number of in-stock items in parens after the link.

Thank you.

We had this feature in earlier versions of AbanteCart. That was not a good solution and have a big impact on the performance and pages load speed.

There is a plan in the future to bring this feature back. That would be implemented with backend workers to generate counts based on events that change products/categories.


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