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How to include Blurb field contents in search results?

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Good evening,

I don't use the description field in my design. I use Blurb instead.

So how do I include the contents of the Blurb field by default on all searches?

Thank you.

What is your design and what page are you missing a description?

Default template. The description displays "below the fold" on the page and the blurb displays at the upper right just above the price and add to cart section. My items do not have extensive descriptions so I am not using the description field, just the blurb field.

Can I please get a reply to this? Right now none of the text about my items is showing up in search results because the store search does not include any of the blurb content, which I believe is an oversight. Both description and blurb should be included in search results.

Otherwise I will have to redo my entire product inventory and copy the contents of the blurb field to the description field just to have it show up in search.

Thank you.

to solve you should to change your model file

see details here


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