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As you may know, I have been tinkering with a fresh installation of AbanteCart 1.2.16.

After wrestling with Murphy for a few days... I finally got everything to work... even fast checkout...


Fast checkout works fine only when "Guest checkout" is ON. Once I turn "guest checkout" OFF and I run a test purchase, AbanteCart freezes when  clicking on the "checkout" button on the "shopping cart" page. It goes to the fast checkout page but nada, only the icon showing page is loading.

Worse, when this happens, it completely freezes my entire website. I can't access anything. No admin access, no blog software access... nothing related to my website that is in a sub directory.

Eventually the server stops whatever happens with AbanteCart and my websites become available again.

First time it happened I freaked out! Fortunately I decided to go ahead and do something else for a few hours. Upon return all was working again. Then I continued updating and migrating my store to the fresh installation, testing, smiling... all is working fine... UNTIL I decided to test "guest checkout" ... Now my websites are all down again.

One AbanteCart cart tab of my admin panel I left opened showed a gateway timeout error. see image

It is seems to be not a fast checkout issue at least your conditions works fine on our demo.
Do you have any CDN or some sort of "website fasteners" connected to your website, cloudflare for example?

504 error with Gateway time out can be many things. The majority of problems can be on the server side and necessarily a bug in the code.

 Does it happen one time in the same page/request or consistently?


I don't know about cdn's or "website fasteners".  I have contacted my hosting company to find out.

The first time it happened was when I turned "guest checkout" OFF while testing. Once the server recovered and I gained access to my store, I turned "guest checkout" ON. I tested and everything worked just fine.

Then I turned "guest checkout" OFF again and tested. Same problem. My entire website froze and would no longer load any pages except for my welcome page. Any programs like blogs, store, etc located in subdirectories were no longer accessible.

Waited a few hours, my site started working again. Turned "guest checkout" ON. Tested. All is fine.

I haven't done any more testing after this.

The situation you describe is looks like server related issue.
Check yourself or ask your hosting provider to check the server error logs at the time "website freeze" occur


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