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I think I found a bug - fast checkout

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Yes, delivery methods:

* UPS (default_ups)
* FedEx Integration (fedex_integration)
Attached is a screenshot of the checkout page. You'll see the NY sales tax is still applied, and although you can't see that I added a coupon code, there should be a 20% discount.

Now, I completed this test sale, and in the e-mail sent to the customer and the actual order processed by AbanteCart did not include tax and did apply the discount. It seems that only the cart displayed to the customer had the wrong information on it. While that's better than nothing, the customer is not going to be happy seeing the wrong information.

Also, is there a way to get the total in the cart to show without the tax for the little cart at the top-left corner of the screen? If I add a product that costs $175 to the cart with Fast Checkout OFF, the total will show as $175. If I have Fast Checkout ON the total will show as $189. The screenshot shows the same product added to the cart, once with Fast Checkout ON and the other with it  OFF.


--- Quote from: user88 on September 01, 2020, 07:52:58 PM ---The first time it happened was when I turned "guest checkout" OFF while testing. Once the server recovered and I gained access to my store, I turned "guest checkout" ON. I tested and everything worked just fine.

--- End quote ---
Hello. The issue is resolved in 1.3.0


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