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Nuno Neff:
In the admin panel it should be possible to add new mandatory fields when a customer or guest places an order, for example, tax number and telephone number. And the vat number so i can make the invoice.

Sometimes a customer registers and does not fill in the phone and then it is annoying because I have to send an email asking him to tell me his phone number, wait for his answer,  because our delivery service company requires the address but also the phone number to make the delivery.

Check these 3rd party extensions

Nuno Neff:
I have sent a message to Why2 about his VAT Tax ID Option, i want to know if it works with the latest version of Abantecart but he did not respond ??? :-\

To make all aware WHY2 responded to his messages as soon as they were received by us,  seems there was some type of delay on the emails.   Additionally  he requested a demo  account  one day ago and it has been set up within an hour of the request.

WHY2 support responds quickly to all notifications that are received. 

Nuno Neff:
Yes it is true, something happened that they were not receiving my messages but then they always responded quickly and resolved my issue.


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