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Nuno Neff:
Hey guys, in the related products the images are not centered with the price and name of the product, how do I solve this problem?


If you go to related products you will see what i mean.

Try the css

--- Code: ---ul.side_prd_list li.related_product {text-align:center}
--- End code ---

Nuno Neff:
Basara thanx alot bro, after applying the code you gived me, i went to system - settings - appearance.

Related Product Image Width i changed 120 to 300 and now i have everything centered like you can see in the attached image.

Nuno Neff:
Now its working on the desktop but when you see it in a mobile phone the image is leaning to the right like you can see in the attached pic.

Nuno Neff:
Come on, staff solve this problem, the image, the price and the name of the product must be aligned, to be aligned on the website, it is not aligned on the mobile view...this should come aligned in all views :-\


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