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Hi All

Can anyone help am trying to setup free local delivery i can get the extension to but the question i have is.

for the UK and where i live for the whole area it has a post code that starts with SN25 followed be 3 or 4 more digits for each street i can get the extension to work if i have the whole post code in the list but i just want it to look for the start of the postcode IE SN25 if i just put SN25 into the extension it dose not work.

If i need to add every street post code it will be thousands and not something i would find easy. all i need to cover for my area is SN1, SN2, SN3, SN4 ,SN25, SN26
i have attached a little picture of the are code. i hope it makes sense   

I do you refer to default Local Delivery extension (default_local_delivery)?
You can provide a comma delimited list there. If the list is huge, code can be updated to work with wildcard like SN25*

Not sure of your PHP coding skills, but here is the line that can be altered to process wildcards:

It would be nice feature to be added actually

Hi thanks for your reply it is the Local Delivery extension (default_local_delivery)

My PHP skill is zero  :( bu I know someone that can help me.

It would be great if this little extension could have this in the future. I need to take some courses on doing some php


Let me know if that "someone" can do this for you. He/she can also contribute this feature in github with pull request.
If that does not work, we could add this feature for 1.2.17.

I can do this for you if you want. Please PM.


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